Apply as a seller

Do you have your own products but don't have your own online shop yet?
Do you only want to pay money if you actually sell something?

Then you are exactly right with me!

Secure your own subsection in my webshop now at fantastic conditions!

What awaits you?

  • Your own subpage with your texts and images, as well as your logo
  • Your products according to your wishes
  • No monthly fees
  • We take care of hosting your articles

What do you have to do for it?

  • Get in touch and tell me why exactly your products should be in the online shop (I try not to offer duplicate product types in the shop, each one should be unique in its area)
  • I will send you an Excel list to enter your products, I need it filled out and returned with product images

What costs will you incur?

  • No monthly fixed costs
  • I charge you a fixed percentage for every product sold
  • If the number of products is > 20, I will charge a one-off fee of €1 per product for processing and setting up in the shop
  • When purchasing online (Paypal, credit card), the current Shopify fees apply

Interested? Do you still have questions?

Then get in touch at

Would you rather open your own shop but don't know what to do?

Then you are welcome to stop by my partner Katana-Tech and get an offer!